Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good News

What a great week for the writers!

First of all, my students got their galley copy to look over on Thursday. I was thrilled to learn that they were more interested in seeing their characters' names in print than their own! I can't wait to get back from spring break so we can pick up our final copies and go out into the world with them. First stop? The local indy bookstore for a book signing. The kids have made posters and prepared a short reading. They've been working so hard on this project!

Then yesterday, on the first day of spring break, my wonderful agent, Laura Langlie, sold my own novel, LIVVIE OWEN LIVED HERE, to Feiwel and Friends! This is the novel I wrote right alongside the kids during our NaNoWriMo project. How perfect that I got this news in time to share it with this year's class!

I am just over the moon about all of this!


Crystal said...

Hey Sarah!

Congratulations on your book deal! That is SO AWESOME! You must be walking on air. And your book sounds really interesting. Wow!

Also, thanks for becoming a Follower of my blog. I really didn't expect to get any followers this early and am quite flattered.

Congrats again!

Mary Witzl said...

Congratulations on your sale!

Your website looks great; I looked hard for flaws, but could not find any. I love the fact that you have two dogs, a horse AND a cat as pets, and I'll bet your readers will too.