Saturday, June 6, 2009


Does everybody else have to do absurd things to get through the day?

The reason I ask is, our toilet is clogged and our landlord has already left for work. And when I say clogged, I mean it is demolished. I've tried every trick I know, and I can't get it to unclog. Which means every, oh, three or four hours, I'm driving up the road to the gas station to use their loo.


In other, absurdity-related news, my West Virginia apartment search brought me to this building, which I used to live in. In fact, I used to live in the apartment featured in the photograph on the top right -- the apartment described in the text as "smaller."

Yeeeah. That's one word to use. Our bed quite literally took up the entire living area of this efficiency apartment. I'm glad to hear they remodeled the place, since, when I lived there, the freezer smelled like rotten meat, the oven only heated to a balmy 70 degrees, and the bathroom sink was both clogged and leaky, so we had to bail it out a couple of times a day to prevent overflow.

Like I said. Absurd.

What absurdities do you have to embrace to get through your day?


Martha Flynn said...

one of my first apartments was on the same street as a major streetcar line that ran 24 hours. we got used to the rumbling sound and forgot to mention it to one of our out of town guests - who at the first tremble freaked out about the "earthquake". we'd forgotten it was so bad! yep, the things we get used to...

Deb Logan said...

Oh yeah...went to college in a town with an oil refinery. It wasn't until I visited years later that I realized how bad it really smelled *lol*

C.R. Evers said...

Well, I have 3 small children so I end up saying and hearing absurd things that I could have never dreamed would be apart of my day, like:

We don't pour cereal on our sister.

Vaseline isn't for washing your hair.

You know, that kind of stuff. ;0)


bettielee said...

I live in a hole in the wall. I thank God every day I can afford a studio (since it sounds like a place where art takes place) and not an "efficiency".