Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Livvie turns one!

My little Livvie Owen has been out in the world for one year today. In her honor, I will ask you a question.

What would your dream home look like? Feel like? Smell like? Is it a house? A cabin? A mansion? How many rooms? How many people to fill those rooms? How did you come by it and how long will you live there? These are the questions Livvie would ask you if she met you. She wouldn't quite look at you and she wouldn't quite be sure how to word them, but these are the things she would want to know.


Kristine Asselin said...

Happy Birthday Livvie!

My dream home is much smaller than it once was. Now that I have a house of my own, I can't imagine cleaning something bigger than my own small corner of the world. I just wish I had more closets...

Betty (Beth) said...

The kitchen would be the central part of the house, with everything else branching off from it. There would be a big fireplace in it to always keep things nice and toasty, and lots of comfy seats for people to sit and chat.

And lots of trees outside for nice shady afternoons. :-)

Happy Birthday Livvie!

Rebecca said...

My dream home is an old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century type house, with a big, welcoming porch where all the musicians I know like to gather on cool summer evenings for a little old-time jamming. A rambling, two-story white house with brick-red shutters. A large, spacious, airy kitchen that feels comfortable and relaxed, but is efficient and modern. There would be four bedrooms, a playroom for all the kids' toys, a spacious living room, a lovely parlor with shelves and shelves of books and a big piano. The basement would be a high-tech recording studio for Billy. A big yard with plenty of shady trees and lined with a wrought iron fence. It would smell like lilacs and roses and be light and airy. We'd come by it by winning the lottery and building it ourselves, because I don't believe such a house exists outside my head. I'd live there forever. I'd want it to be the central hub to the family, the place where everyone comes for holidays, where all the neighbor kids come to play.

Sarah Dooley said...

Kristine, I totally understand that! If I had more closets, I could keep the rest of my house a lot cleaner. Really, who needs a clean closet? That's where I keep the skeletons! Also the old notebooks and the mismatched socks.

Betty, a fireplace or woodstove is one of my not-negotiables concerning my eventual house. There's nothing warmer than wood heat.

Becky, I think we have the same dream home! Except mine is gray with black shutters. And Jake and I probably couldn't use a recording studio in the basement, so half of that could be a writing office and the other half could be Jake's Man Cave.


Small house, similar to what we have except it would have a small yard - we're old and cutting two acres is a JOB.
Lots of flowers and trees in the yard. A gazebo, maybe where I could sit and read. Everything inside new.

All in all, home is where my husband is. No matter where we are I feel at home if he is with me.

LOved Livvie and love that she is one year old today. I will eat cake in her honor!
Blessings to you.

Sarah Dooley said...

Oh, hi Barb! We must have been posting at the exact same time.

Any time I can create a reason for cake, I'm happy. :)

Marcia said...

Oh, I LOVE this question. My dream home is a cozy, English-village type cottage with a garden.

I'd put it on a large enough spread that our three grown kids, spouses, and families could build THEIR dream homes on the property too, not too close but close enough, and we'd have a family compound.

Sarah Dooley said...

Marcia, I love the idea of having everyone in one place!

Maeve Frazier said...

My dream home would be a thatched cottage with a fireplace in a large kitchen. The kitchen would be the main gathering room with lots of room. There would always be fresh bread baking in the oven. All of the other rooms would be cozy with smells of turf fire, lavendar and sage. All of the window boxes would have pretty flowers where the scent would waft through the house. (this is actually pretty close to the house that I have now, except for the fireplace in the kitchen and the thatched roof.)