Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today's Bad NaNoWriMo Advice: Forums!

This is the worst advice EVER if your goal is to stay on task and increase your word count.

If you're looking for a study-breaker, a good laugh, or a reason to feel better about your own mistakes, though, this is a must.

On the NaNoWriMo forums, there is a magical place. A magical place reserved for all the typos, all the mixed metaphors and nonsensical thoughts that occur when you write a great volume of words at high speed.

This magical land of wonder can be found here, in the NaNoisms thread.

But first, a touch of good advice: put put down the coffee. I wouldn't want you to ruin your keyboard.


Heather Kelly said...

Sarah--Oh, my. I hadn't seen that thread before (or maybe I had, but hadn't understood from the title what exactly it contained).

I'm hooting and hollering over here, especially after I found one of my own yesterday in my ms--even I didn't know what I meant by that line. I reread and reread it, waiting for me to understand my earlier brilliance. When I couldn't, I deleted the darn thing. Had I known about the forum, I would have shared!!

Sarah Dooley said...

Heather, that's okay -- it's only November 4, I'm sure you'll have more to share! I certainly will!