Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Washing my hair in a bucket on a snowy morning and thinking (in that order)

(Because any time you wash your hair in a bucket on a snowy morning, you weren't thinking to begin with)


-Toilet paper for coffee filters
-Coffee filters for toilet paper
-Paper towels for both of the above
-Paper plates for glass ones
-Paper towels for paper plates
-Coffee filters for paper towels
-Cereal bowls for coffee cups
-Coffee cups for cereal bowls
-Empty coffee cans for both of the above
-Forks for spoons
-Butter knives for forks
-Dishpans for sinks
-Sinks and washcloths for bathtubs
-The cost of grocery store gallon jugs of water for your monthly water bill
-An electric kettle for a hot water heater


-Good plumbers (Anybody know one?)
-Wacky families and the friends who appreciate them (Got this! Appreciate it now more than ever.)
-Good books (Got lots of these! Reading an awesome one from my crit partner now)
-Hot baths (you can get clean without them, but there is no substitute for the emotional value of a hot bath)
-Buddy Sunshine (Keeping this one at all costs. Which is why we will be basically sledding to the vet again today.)


bettielee said...

Dooley - I want you to know you have been in my thoughts today, and you will continue in my thoughts. And Buddy Sunshine, also. luv to you.

Sarah Dooley said...

Thank you, Bettie, Buddy and I both really appreciate that!

Floot said...

How's Buddy doing?

Sarah Dooley said...

Buds is doing a little better tonight. He's held down some water and his tail has curled back up into its usual circular shape (it's been flat and droopy all week). He's even wagged a few times. Still hasn't eaten anything, not since Valentine's Day, and the weight loss is starting to really show, but his eyes are brighter.

Floot said...

Oh, I hope he's on the up *sending long distance doggiehugs*