Thursday, February 23, 2012

Contest: What did you drive your family crazy with?

Who wants a free audiobook?

If you answered, "Me!," then post a comment on this blog or on my Facebook page telling me about a time when you had a favorite song or movie that your family hated, and you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free audio copy of Body of Water or Livvie Owen Lived Here!

For me (oh, there are so many to choose from), I think the movie I tortured them with the most had to be Danny. This was 1993-ish, and we would occasionally check out a VCR and a few movies from the video store. My favorite movie was Danny, which is a late-seventies film about a girl named Jamie who loves a gray pony named Danny (played by a pony named William Tell -- but I forget who plays Janie). I watched that thing over and over from the time we rented the VCR until the time it went back, with reluctant breaks to let other people watch stuff. I rewound the horse show scenes over and over. Worse yet, when the movie went back to the video store, I trotted and cantered in circles -- in my sister's bedroom, no less -- reciting the ENTIRE movie start to finish. Including the music. And the neighing. (Autism spectrum? Me? Whatever do you mean?)

In the novel I'm currently writing, there's a kid who loves horses, and she tortures her family in much the same way using a fictional horse movie. I'm having a blast writing the dialogue!

Of course this all made me wonder whether I was just the most annoying kid ever, or whether y'all had similar obsessions. Tell me your story in the comments (or on Facebook) and on March 1, I'll draw names to receive one of my audiobooks (Body of water or Livvie Owen Lived Here) -- so you can, you know, listen to them over and over and annoy somebody.

I can't wait to hear your stories!


Carter Seaton said...

I sent a comment but it isn't showing up. If you don't find one from me, message me and I'll rewrite it.


Sarah Dooley said...

Sorry about that, Carter!

Misty Alderman said...

The Little Mermaid is the movie I watched over and over and over. I watched it so many times the VHS tape eventually quit working. I can recite the whole movie but my favorite parts are the songs. I tortured my Mom and Dad and older sisters with it until I moved out. Now I torture my kids with it. I make them watch it with me and after one of my many solos I make them compliment me on what a great singer I am. They really love it. Its a win win situation.

Carter Seaton said...

Since I grew up in the dark days before VCRs and audio tapes, I never drove my family crazy with anything. Of course that doesn't count the whining I did to get a 45 RPM record player so I could drive them crazy. I loved the black blues music I stealthily listened to on the radio beamed from Tennessee after the local WSAZ station went off the air at 9:30 pm. In my bedroom, I heard the raunchy versions of "Work with me Annie" and "Annie had a baby" that later were sanitized into the dance standard of the 1950s: "Dance with me Henry." Please, mom, get me a 45 record player. Everyone has one but me. Please, pleeeeze." Whining works. Eventually, I could sing along with Hank Ballard before 9:30 at night.

hsinjamie said...

I'm not sure if this counts, because it isn't a song or a movie, but I was a total comic book geek. I generally form quiet obsessions, because othewise people tend to tilt their heads to the side and curl their upper lip slightly, while their eyes get incredibly huge, frightened, and judgmental. Not that I know that from experience. Anyway, although I loved all things comic from grade school on, my obsession peaked during my junior high years, when my few fellow comic book friends and I created alter-egos with elaborate story lines and fantastic powers. We referred to each other by our character names and spent hours dissecting plot lines, asking each other what would happen in a given scenario, and then describing how our characters would fit into the story. To this day, although i no longer answer to my alter-ego's character name, nor subscribe to the books, my husband cannot stand how fanboy I get when a comic movie comes out. I recently learned that I can subscribe to comics in digital form on my nook. Don't think I'm not considering signing up for that service right now. LOL