Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FOUND: Stray Hippo. Call to claim.

Found: Hippo. Gray, approximately 0.5 inches in length. Clean and well-mannered. She is clearly a treasured pet and I'm sure your kids miss her.

She was found in the dark recesses of my purse on 2/21/2012 at approximately 6:45 a.m., just as the Barboursville bus pulled out of the station. I was looking for my headphones and discovered Rover (as I've taken to calling her) hiding in one of the front pockets, along with sixty-five cents in nickels and a squished Mike & Ike.

Rover has had a big day.

She started with some art:

spent some time reading:

met some (scary) new friends:

did some riding:

visited the amusement park:

blogged about her experiences:

and has been treated like royalty by her foster family:

But I know she misses her real family. If you have lost your beloved pet hippo, please call.

(This is all by way of saying that I love my job as a teacher -- one of the few professions in which you will periodically discover random zoology concealed in your belongings.)

(Also, yes -- I do have a miniature ferris wheel, a tiny horse, a paint set, a tiara, and a cat on my desk. Doesn't everybody?)


Granny Kate said...

I love the pictures! With all the fun that hippo had at your house, I think I'll sneak into your purse and go home with you.

hsinjamie said...

What, no snacking took place? That's obviously hippo neglect. I'm sure her blog post was scathing. ;-)