Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Never be hungry.

Yesterday my niece e-mailed me to share her "main" New Years Resolutions. (From what I understand, the original document was two pages long, single-spaced, and included such gems as "Meet Jennifer Garner's parents" and "Go to school less." But those didn't make the "main resolutions" cut.)

She shared with me the following Main Resolutions:

-Do more fun stuff.
-Meet Rihanna.
-Get more money.
-Never be hungry.

My niece is 13 and a budding gourmet chef. The problem is, she doesn't eat what she cooks. The rest of us do -- it's really good stuff -- she cooks from recipes she finds on the internet, using ingredients she often purchases from her own tightly-clutched coin purse.

Over the summer, she went through this phase where she wouldn't eat anything wet. Or anything that was wet before she cooked it. Or anything that would get when she chewed it. Fresh veggies that needed washed? No. Pizza? Yuck, it has sauce. Oatmeal? Nasty. Cereal? Of course not, it's got milk. Dry cereal? Well, she'd still have to chew it, right? Which didn't leave a whole lot that the child would consume.

She's changed a lot since summer. She's moved from Simpsons-obsessed to Rihanna-obsessed. She's inches taller. And she eats. Not much, but more than she used to. So I hope this New Years resolution is one that she manages to keep.

As for my own resolutions? I've got just one: To see my niece more.


Anita said...

Very sweet post. I had to yaaaank goals out of my 13-year-old.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I just love 13-year-olds. And I loved this post. Thanks for sharing your niece with us. : )

Kelly said...

I love that she is a teen chef!
But wondering...why might she want to meet Jennifer Garner's parents??? (I get the Rihanna one..:)

Sarah Dooley said...

She heard that Jennifer Garner's parents live in our state, so I guess that seemed more attainable than pledging to meet the actress herself!