Sunday, January 15, 2012

Small Stone, January 15

Garlic breadsticks, 99 cents. Chips, a buck fifty. The second can of chicken noodle soup, a dollar. Flat of water, four ninety-nine. The cashier pops her gum and scans backwards, and while we skim the cream off the groceries, I think of cold metal pails on summer days, not sure whether I'm remembering or dreaming.


Mom said...

You are remembering. Remember the water from a metal dipper that clicked against your teeth when you took a long, cold drink of the best tasting water from the well.

Granny Sue said...

Where is the like button? This is perfect, Sarah, captured like a drop of water in the sun.


Would you believe Mackenzie is still plugging along slowly reading BODY OF WATER. I knew she read slow but this is ridiculous. I hate that her electronic toys have kept her from books, the real tools of life. But we discuss it as she slowly progresses through the story.
She told me recently as I head toward putting my first novel VADA FAITH on Kindle at Amazon that she was disappointed I did not put her photo on the cover.
Blessings, Barb