Saturday, January 7, 2012

Small Stone, January 7

Today I walked to the gas station wearing track pants, and flats with no socks, and it was too warm even for my sweatshirt, and the flashing sign at the Catholic school said 61 degrees. So why can't I get my head out of winter four years ago, when I couldn't get warm, even with those little heat packs that go in your gloves? When the gate latches froze and the skid steer wouldn't start and the coyote calls got closer to the big warm barn? When I cracked ice on water buckets for horses whose big breath took up my vision so I couldn't see you anywhere?

The door just closed. I get it now. The theme is freeze.


Raj Das said...

I like what you wrote. So short and yet it said a lot.

Also, I am pretty baked right now.

And, the word verification it's asking me right now is "Congaria"

Is that a country I don't know of?

Granny Kate said...

I like these small stones. I hope that winter melts one day. Even the difficult ones do eventually.

and the word verification wants me to write immiss -- and I...mmm...miss all you kids right now.